Setting up PVR and tuner - unable to log in to Tv Headend

I had it set up once before and it stopped working and I lost all the channels and couldn’t get it going. I bought a new tuner from the OSMC store thinking that will solve it. I can’t get past the first steps in the guide at
Watching live TV with a USB DVB tuner or network TV tuner and set up TvHeadend from my browser.

To be sure, I reinstalled TV Headend the tuner is plugged in, checked the IP of the VERO 4K
When I try to go to the it prompts password and I can’t move forward (username and password is correct)

Any tips?

Do any kodi settings need to be reset?

Is a complete OSMC re-install going to far?

Did you change the password from the default?

Yes. This seems to be a TVH issue. You could try wiping the TVH settings:

systemctl stop tvheadend
mv ~/.hts ~/htsbak
systemctl start tvheadend

It takes a minute to start up, then try logging in to the tvh server again (shouldn’t need a password iirc).

I’m in!

Thanks grahamh you saved me from the nuclear option

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Good-oh. Unless you really want to do your head in trying to retrieve all your old recordings lists, timers, etc, you can rm -r ~/htsbak.