Setting up Vero 4K+ basic questions

I just received & connected my Vero 4K+ to my small network. I have two basic issues in order to finalize the setup :blush:

  1. Even though I can access to my NAS from my win10 laptop, Vero doesn’t see the smb workgroup.

  2. More basic, the Vero remote works fine until I shut down the box, but how to switch it on ? I tried all buttons without success so I just unplug/plug power to wake up the box.

Thanks for your help

We need to know more about your NAS and how you are trying to connect. Are you trying to use standard windows networking?

The Vero is designed to be always on. So if you power it off, you must power cycle it. You could use the standby mode, but really it saves so little (if any) power it’s not worth the effort.

Network Browsing has been disabled for protocols above SMB1. And OSMC uses >SMB1 by default for security reasons.
But you can read up hear what to do.

Thanks bmillham, I’ve got a Xyzel 542 NAS, all machines are on wired LAN.

Thanks fzinken, I noticed that SMB 1-3 option but didn’t test it, I will read carefully your post and test all options.

Does your NAS have an NFS option for sharing? If so then I’d strongly recommend that you enable that and use it instead as it will perform better.