Setting up

Hi folks please advise l have downloaded osmc as my operating system but do not have access to stream movies or tv progs or box sets please help

What is your source for this media?

We can’t help you use add-ons which allow you to gain access to content that you don’t have the right to watch. OSMC is the OS. You may find information on other websites, but we can’t really provide support for them here. Google is your friend.

Sorted thms guys

It not sorted am using raspian tryed using osmc download of their website click on raspberry pi icon then on windows 10 icon and do not get past that all l get is a little box left hand corner saying osmc-installer .exec

You cannot install OSMC on top of Raspbian. You must use another computer with sdcard reader and the OSMC installer or other method to write the OSMC image to an SD card. Then you may boot the written card in the pi.