Settings menu is hidden

All is good now :smile:
Sam got the point we were trying to make (Thanks Sam!) and I do apologize to Karnage if I somehow came across unproductive or even upbraidingly…

To put things a bit in perspective:
I am not entirely a “non-technical” user…
Being the founder of a 15 employees browsergame company which produces and maintains games with > 5 million users, I do actually spend my whole day programming, optimizing complex UIs and trying to filter out the useful stuff from user feedback…
And in my humble opinion: unless you measure how much a user clicks a certain button, you will have absolutely no idea how many users do it the way you think they do. If I do usability tests with users (meaning: sitting them in front of a PC and let them use your game/product while you record it and observe silently) I oftentimes could cry what kind of large animated flashing buttons they simply do not see…
And if we move a function in our games from one location to another, I can guarantee that there will be an outcry in the community and players will not find it and whine about it. Quite loudly sometimes.
And we do have a chat where they could quickly ask without registering for the forum :wink:

Over the past 10 years in which I have listened to user feedback about this kind of stuff I have learned not to tell them that they are stupid because they did not find the large button but if they have a problem like this, that I made an error in my UI design and I try to find ways to fix it.
Never-ending task I can tell you :wink:

Anyway: thanks for agreeing to re-add the settings as a 5th button Sam and I hope that we can now all let this rest.


Well, I have certainly been put in my place!


  1. Confluence is gross and everyone knows it. And item 2 in my first response 100% solved the issue, which was “I’m not able to find the settings menu…”.
  2. If you bought your grandmother a brand new BMW, then she SHOULD give up her mid 80’s rust bucket. The safety features alone in the new car make the switch worthwhile; improving both her safety as well as the safety of everyone else on the road.
  3. I would like to see your objective evidence that the number is anything other than 1%.
  4. The change that was made is tiny in comparison to the other changes that happened within Confluence itself. One tiny redundant button was changed by Sam. In contrast, dozens of individual settings were hidden by Kodi. Given this, the real complaint seems to be not that a small change was made, but rather who it was that made the change.
  5. People only complain when they dont get “better”. I very clearly pointed out an easy, guaranteed way to make a new skin appealing to wives and mothers. Different skin options are a REASON not to return to Comcast.
  6. Redundant controls are a bad thing. A bad thing does not become good simply because it is consistently bad. Consistency of a design flaw is not a good thing.
  7. You want to mount a case that more than 0.5% of people use the Movie sub-menu to open all movies?
  8. The answer for EVERYBODY is don’t use Confluence. It is horrible.

I understand the original error people made. Not realising that System opened the settings as well. But once they are informed of their error, the appropriate response is, “oh, ok, didnt realise that. thanks!”.

Which was thorondor’s actual response.

Whereas you decided to throw caution to the wind and mount a doomed defense of Confluence from a marauding robot army of facts and reality.