Settings menu is hidden

I’m not able to find the settings menu under the System menu. I’m on Confluence theme. The menu disappeared after I installed the latest update. I’m not sure what I’m missing here.

Any help would be appreciated

  1. Dont use Confluence. It is horrible.
  2. There is a giant System button on the Confluence Home menu bar.
  3. Click that.

I’m sorry that I hadn’t been clear. The settings link was missing on the System button It was an issue with some random addon that I had used. The settings link was missing on the System button. Luckily I had the Freshstart addon installed.

I had to do a factory reset and things are working fine now. On the flip side, it erased all the media info and I have to reindex and scrape all my content folder now :frowning:

I don’t think you understand - the Settings sub menu item under System on the Confluence skin has been replaced with a My OSMC option in the latest updates - this is intentional change to make it easier to find My OSMC for those using the Confluence skin.

The original settings sub menu is redundant because it performs the exact same action as choosing the main System menu.

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sorry but I have the same problem.
On Confluence I can get into My osmc config but alas it is not “redundant”…
Right now I cannot find a place to switch my skin back from Confluence to the OSMC default. i simply fail to locate that option ans I checked all 9 icons which I can see in the Osmc settings.
I also do not find a place to change the webserver service settigns. Selecting the services icon in the osmc settings only shows me the ssh server and nothing more… i want to enable http control right now. cannot find that setting.

can you please point me to the exact location where i can change my skin from confluence to osmc? (maybe there i get all settings)

Clicking on “SYSTEM” above results in the the following menu…

This should really not be so difficult…

Thanks :smile:
the concept of the large button actually having an action never occured to me since it is not how drop down menues behave normally (outside of kodi)…
wasn’t a problem up to now since the default action of that button was always an option in the submenu. until it was replaced with the my osmc link which does not contain all the other settings.
well now i found it thanks.

I had the same issue as Thorondor, however I stumbled my way into the solution. I do not think it was an appropriate thing to do, to make such a change to the the basic behavior of the Confluence Skin which is well established and known by many. If OSMC wants the OSMC settings easier to find, add the ‘My OSMC’ as an additional tab but do not remove a tab people are used to finding in a specific location.

Whether you like the Confluence Skin or not is irrelevant Karnage. Some of us are in the position of making our HTPC’s ‘Wife and/or Mother-in-Law Proof’ and change (even for the better) is often undesirable. The option for a better skin is desirable, but changing the one they’ve leaned how to use (after protests about dropping Comcast because they’re ‘used to it’) doesn’t help use cable-cutters.

Please don’t take that last comment as me being belligerent or unappreciative of all the work the OSMC devs put in from which I benefit. It is hard to convey tone in text. I was merely highlighting the position some of us are in, like me; I’d be playing with skins and plugins constantly however I also have to deal with the learning curve, glitches and things not working at just the wrong time. My wife gets impatient when anything changes and she can’t easily pull up what she wants at a moments notice due to anything; OSMC, Harmony Remote, the home network blipped, sunspots, etc.

This argument in itself seems quite irrelevant… If you want your device “Wife/MIL proof” than I would suggest not letting them dig around in the system settings…

What has not changed is the function of the “System” button, as it has always resulted in the settings menu, which would in context, be completely in line with the rest (Movies, TVShows, Music) of the top menu selections of the confluence skin.

When dealing with technology, hoping for nothing to change is a pipe dream. Even technology itself is “changing” the ways we do things in all aspects of our lives. If you don’t wish for anything to change in reference to OSMC, then I suggest you turn off automatic updates and never force them manually because, in the pursuit of improvement, things will continue to change here. But as is the nature of such things, we will never be able please everyone, no matter what we change or leave the same.

Friends don’t let friends use confluence.


I think you miss the point. Nobody but me is digging around in the system settings but me. I’m talking about Karnage’s comments about not using the Confluence skin. I’ve spent over a year with them used to the Confluence skin. To COMPLETELY change the skin, not just a few button/function placements, is akin to asking to asking her to switch from using Windows to Linux (or pick any non-computer analogy; switch from playing basketball to hockey, whatever, etc.).


Friends don’t let their friends make their wives want to go back to Comcast.

Getting people to switch is easy; you just need a killer feature.

Switch to a skin where you can set up the Home screen so that content is available on the front page. No more deep diving into subfolders of subfolders.

Even better, switch to Amber and set “multiple background images” and point it to a folder with family photos.

Then change the screensaver to “Dim”, set the percentage to something that still allows vibrant images, and then edit a couple of lines in one of the xml files so that when you are on the Home screen and the screensaver comes on, everything but the background image disappears. So when the screensaver activates you are left with an automatic slide show of family photos.

Can Comcast do that?

Talented skinners have spent thousands of hours improving the UI of Kodi: Kodi Community Forum - Skins Support

There are over two dozen available, with all sorts of options and features and customisability.

But hey, if you LIKE the Confluence blue bubbles from a decade ago…


I am totally WITH you on this entire thing. Right now though this is so low on my list of projects I just can’t get to it. I’m still in the process of moving into a new house. This is a house I spent the last year GC’ing myself and several more prior to that designing. I’m still working on finishing the basement and planning out the landscaping and pool for next summer in the backyard. My real passion, auto racing, has been on hold for 2 years during all this and I’m DYING to put my race car back together, work is kicking my ass, etc.

When it comes to improving the OSMC experience there are so many other things I would put higher on my list that I haven’t gotten around to (since among other things I’m still standing up a whole new home network & server; I don’t even have all the potential streaming and/or other media sources set up that I want). I just don’t have time for yet one more project and I, and more importantly my wife, are happy enough with Confluence.

The point wasn’t to go into my life story, but rather that there are likely 10x people like me who are happy enough with ‘the default’ due to a list of projects that come ahead of this one. I, like them, cannot spend more hours making a killer home screen & personalized home media experience when 90% of it won’t be appreciated anyway.

It took enough doing to cut the cable and have the wife accept that. At the time Confluence was the skin and I taught her that (hey, it’s still more pleasant and easy to use than Comcast menus and OnDemand). That’s all I have time for.

As I said, there are a lot of people in a similar boat. I’ve got 3 Pi’s of differing vintages, and were that my real passion I’d have all sorts of things going on. I have the skills to learn more than I already do (which is more than a lot of people who REALLY appreciate the whole XBMC/KODI/OSMC community and all they’ve given us), but it is such that when a question like Thorondor’s comes up, sometimes just accept that some of us are looking for the lowest time investment to keep what we’ve already established running as is rather than a major overhaul (at that moment in time) even if it does have tons to offer.

Good for you.

Facts that remain:

  1. Switching skins takes a couple of minutes, and setting them up takes little longer than that.
  2. 95% of people always use the big System button.
  3. We had way more people complain that they lost the OSMC settings when they switched to Confluence.
  4. Confluence is a horribly dated default skin.
  5. The Confluence settings themselves changed significantly.
  6. Wives who want to switch back to Comcast should’t be allowed near the Settings menu. That way be dragons.
  7. People who dont want change, should not update.
  8. A single almost universally overlooked, unused and redundant button was re-purposed.
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The Confluence theme always displays the default action which lies on the big button also in the submenu buttons.
The only tab for which this is now not true is the System tab where you took over the button of the default action and changed it.
So in a simple Confluence viewpoint: you made the skin behave inconsistently.

I am totally happy about you adding the My OSMC button there since I found it cumbersome to switch the skin to OSMC to be able to find those settings. But it would be more consistent with the Confluence Theme if you would add the My OSMC button next to the Confluence Settings button instead of replacing it.

Should not be too hard and everyone who still has to use Confluence would be happy.

I really was looking for >30 minutes for the settings dialog and couldn’t find it so I signed up here to finally ask… So my feeling is quite strong that you broke a previously existing behavior of Confluence. I think if an update breaks sth. for 5% of the users, since 95% as you say always use the big button (which I would doubt), you should change the update…

Just my 2 cents…


A lot of people do use the Settings tab. In the next update, I will re-add it, but keep My OSMC as well, i.e. there will be 5 tabs under System in the next update.


Some more facts, as they remain:

  1. An update didn’t break anything.
  2. 100% of the people complaining about “hiding” the settings where they always were located, an absolutely huge main menu button, use the equally huge Movies button in the main menu to access their movies and never click on the sub-menu item.
  3. 5% of users should not hold the other 95% to ransom.
  4. That 5% was a generous over-statement; and the real number if probably 1%.
  5. Sam will get complaints about the additional item in the sub-menu.

Thanks Sam for understanding the point made by Thorondor that I was trying to help second on his behalf.

Karnage, I never argued that it was difficult to switch skins or that non-technical users should be using the settings nor that Confluence is a particularly good skin. I don’t like arguing with the very devs who devote time and energy to an endeavor from which I benefit, but it is useful for you to understand your ‘customer base’ as best possible.

The facts remain as I see it:

  1. This ENTIRE back & forth was about you NOT answering Thorondor’s question but rather just flippantly telling him to not use Confluence (at least as your first response, and the next one wasn’t helpful either).
  2. You miss the point about switching skins. It is easy. It is the fact that users who don’t want change would rather remain with the Confluence skin. Nobody said it will not change a little, or don’t change anything about it, but going from Confluence to some radically different albeit better skin would be like asking my grandmother to jump out of her 1985 Buick into a brand new BMW and easily and comfortably adapt to the full array of changes in the dashboard and control systems. They give her more options and power in a much better car, but she’d be confused and go back to driving her POS Buick.
  3. I’m certain you have no objective evidence to back up your 95% - 5%, then later revised to 99% - 1%, statement. You really don’t know the ratio and are further skewed by the fact that your impressions are formed by people active in the forums with technical issues and questions and aren’t a part of the silent masses who just use it as it comes (which for years has been Confluence). Thorondor is a proof point, spending time poking around for a changed function and only signing up to the forum when he couldn’t find it. I’m sure there are plenty of non-forum users from whom you’ve never heard who are just using the defaults. IF you only want your product to cater to the already technically adept then that is your right, but your assertion of claiming 95% is at the very least lacking of evidence and also probably very inaccurate due to the community with which you interact.
  4. Confluence settings have changed to reflect the underlying changes in XBMC/KODI/OSMC. This is true. As Thorondor points out though this particular item has changed consistency in behavior of that skin.
  5. Again wives who’d prefer switching back to Comcast aren’t monkeying with systems menus. But they will complain if the UI keeps changing such that they force the issue of going back to Comcast (speaking of horrible skins and ‘don’t update’). If the result of all of your arguments is even just one successful cable cutter going back to Comcast, isn’t that a loss? I’m not telling anyone NOT to use better skins and do awesome things with OSMC. I’m just backing the 'don’t make a confusing change to confluence).
  6. Break may be a poor choice of words from Thorondor. The update changed the consistency of the behavior to Confluence. I’m surprised that there are so many people having a hard time finding the OSMC settings since the RASPBMC/KODI/My OSMC has been under Programs for years now, but I find putting it in a tab under System a good thing. Just don’t change the default behavior of what happens when one pushes the big SYSTEM menu.
  7. Your assertion of 100% about the MOVIES button is ridiculous. There is no 100% in terms of how people use this software. If I watch how I, my wife and my mother in law use it we all have different methods of getting where we want. That was true of my old Comcast box which had significantly fewer ways to get from ‘here to there’.
  8. Sam may or may not get complaints about the additional sub-menu. Unfortunately it’s likely Sam’s lot in life to just get and handle complaints (sorry to keep this going Sam. This is my last post, just trying in futility to get Karnage to see it from somebody else’s perspective even as I agree with him about the primary points that Confluence is lame). If he does get complaints about an extra sub-menu to SYSTEM in Confluence, it will likely be from users who are authorized/capable of using system, no? Shouldn’t the answer to them be ‘don’t use Confluence’ then?