Switching skin from Confluence to OSMC

Device: (Rasp Pi 2)
Installation media: (SDcard)
Connection: (Wifi)
Power Supply Type: 220V/2A
Power specs: ?
Peripherals: PAL Monitor / rapoo 3600 touchpad keyboard
Storage Device USB3 HDD 2TB
OSMC version: July 2015 2015.07-1
XBMC version: ?
Codecs: mpeg2
Audio/Video Output: (hdmi / analogue auto)
Overclocked: no
Config.txt Extras: no
LINK to uploaded logs in pastebin (kicanexewi)

simple problem: I don’t know how to switch back to OSMC skin. Yesterday I switched from OSMC to Confluence (because I read that Confluence supports mouse.
Today I want to switch back to OSMC - and I don’t find a way!
Please help
thank you

I know your problem, I am in the same boat.
It seems that in the new OSMC image containing Kodi 15.0 has a problem with the Confluence Image.

In the Options section you find “MyOSMC” instead of “Settings”. Therefore you do not have access to all important settings including the skins.

@sam_nazarko Is there a way via the shell to restore the Options Tab of the confluence skin to remove “MyOSMC” and to replace it withe the original link to the settings?

Should not be a problem. Just select System and it will take you in to Settings. No need to have or use the Settings tab


Hello - and thanks for your reply!
But I do not find “System”. Underneath “Options” I find “My OSMC” and this offers Updates, Services, Overclock, App Store, Network, Remotes, Pi Config and Log Uploader, (listed Clockwise) but nothing called “System” (or offering a skin change)

Thanks for your assistance,
I seem not to find the solution offered by sam_nazarko.
Probably an update problem? In the morning my system was updated.
Thanks for your help

What skin are you using ? What Sam was describing only applies to Confluence.

I’m using the Confluence skin (since yesterday evening)
Thank you

Probably just press options


Thank you.
That hits the nail on its head.!!!

Clicking on “SYSTEM” above results in the the following menu…

This should really not be so difficult…

Really not.
Except - when there is no “System” to chose from. But only “Option”! And that in turn leads to another path.
Thank you

This suggests you are using a different skin, which would have not had changed behaviour from the update at all


Hi guys,

the confusion with me and a bunch of other guys simply resulted in the fact that the “System” Menu is named “Optionen” or “Option” in other languages.

Thanks for this clarification.

I understand, glad to hear things are OK.