Settings Menu Item Overwritten on Aeon MQ8

I use the Aeon MQ8 skin. While customizing the main menu I succeeded in overwriting the Settings item in the main menu. Doing that seemingly removes any way for me to modify the system. I reinitialized the Vero and recreated my system. That took some time.
I wonder -

  1. Is there an easier alternative to getting out of the situation I inadvertently created,
  2. Should the skin have let me do that in the first place and
  3. Is there a way I can back up my system so it can be restarted after reintialization or a Kodi reload?
  1. You should always be able to get to the settings by opening the shutdown menu (S button on a keyboard) and selecting settings there.

  2. Good question. As a skin dev I’d say no, but… No, as in: removing the settings link from the main menu, if the home menu is completely customizable, should not be possible. But: if there’s a warning and means to prevent accidental removal, it should be possible. Our OSMC skin has a setting which overrides any removal of the settings link in the home menu. Only if a user disables that setting, the settings link will be removed entirely - with a warning shown as soon as this setting is toggled.

  3. For a way to backup your system see here: Backing up Settings - General - OSMC