Settings not saved on reboot/shutdown


I’m running the 2016.05.1 release of OSMC on my aTV1.

I ran a HDD install. I installed off a USB that was made with the Windows installer. No errors, etc.

Everything seems to work fine, except after rebooting (or shutting down and then manually pulling out the plug and plugging back in), my skin settings aren’t saved. Strangely, changing skin is remembered - but not settings (e.g. removing options from the home menu).

Also, My OSMC is extremely slow to navigate - it takes a full 20 seconds to change between screens (e.g. changing from wired to wireless screens). This is only an inconvenience, though - the main issue is the inability to have settings stick between reboots!

My logs are here:

Hope it’s something obvious! If anyone can shed some light, I’d be very grateful!


EDIT: I ran a manual update from the My OSMC menu and some updates were installed. No issue with that. Rebooted and same issue. New log post-update is here: