Settings regional keyboard has no effect

I tried to setup a FrenchAZERTY (or Belgian) keyboard in the settings/interface/regional screen.
Even if I select the correct keyboard, my Osmc still considered as having a qwerty one.

Any clue?

It’s a known issue and using the search function (magnifying glass top right) with two words of your title would have shown that in a second even a thread with a workaround.

I did a search before boring others, and found a …sudo apt-get install console-data… solution
Which works well, up to the first reboot…
I try this one (with editing the file /etc/rs.local). Seems working, but the French keyboard is not totally correct ‘{’ instead of ‘é’ for instance.
Better with (instead of loadkeys fr)
$ loadkeys azerty
$ loadkeys fr-latin1

There is a more elegant solution on the way. It might make it in to Kodi v18.

I found fr-x11 to work best.