Settings tweaks?

Hello guys and gals!

1- I go to My Osms → Manuall update.

i get: “add on error. please check your log”
is it referring to the update add on, or is it because i installed some add ons using just the zip file, so there’s no repo to update the add ons?

2- i want to check the log but my Vero Hdd basically consists of 4 Folders: “Movies”, “Pictures”, TV Shows" and “Music”…?

3- the light of my Hdd connected to the hub is always on, even if i put the vero to sleep. is there a way to put both to sleep and waking them up once i acess the hdd? since it’s not a NAS 24h On HDD, i’m afraid it will reduce it’s lifespan.

4- Acessing the Hdd over SSH with Putty, the update process takes forever. it’s painfully slow… Acessing my Raspberry Pi i don’t have this issue. i have a fast 150mbit connection at home

5- if my Vero is sleeping and i try to watch content from the Hdd on another device (let’s say my phone), it buffers a lot (720p file only). once i go to the living room and wake up the Vero, it plays fine… But i don’t want to go a month on holiday and let my Vero on the entire time to acess the content from abroad :confused:

hope someone can help me on this

Mario Pedro

Hard to tell – can you attach a photo and the log?
Please see How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC

The drive spins down after 15 minutes of inactivity

Do you mean OSMC updates?
Where are you located?

Are you standbying Vero 4K +?
We put it in a low power state when it is standbyed; and were actually toying with the idea of disabling network connectivity when it is in standby. You should keep it on if you want it to stream to other devices. It will not consume a lot of power.

It sounds like you want to use the device at full performance; so the standby mode isn’t appropriate for this.

Hope this helps


Thanx for the reply Sam:

1- it got fixed all of a sudden. No more error messages.

3- nice! :slight_smile:

4- yes… I mean using sudo apt-get update over SSH, takes forever. I’m located in the room next to the Vero :stuck_out_tongue:

5- hummmm, didn’t know that. I though it stayed fully operational in standby :slight_smile:

Do u have an answer for question 2? There’s a lot of people doing stuff over the command line, like installing VPN and such, but i can’t do anything other than updating :confused:


Mario Pedro


My guess is your connection to the update server dropped during the update; so you got an error message.

I mean where are you located in the world.
Perhaps your connection to the update server is slow.

It does (although we turn off HDMI signal) but at a slower performance to save power. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a standby mode.

I covered logs above.



The logs are in a hidden folder (.kodi), you can see hidden folders and files with:

ls -a

You can view the log either in in your browser, or from the commandline:

Browser: either upload logs from myosmc or issue grab-logs -A and follow the link provided.

Commandline: less .kodi/temp/kodi.log

Enter to scroll down a line at a time, space bar to scroll down page at a time; q to quit.

Thanks Tom.

Thanks Tom :smiley:

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