Setup OSMC Remote on Kodi

Hello, I have an OSMC remote and was wanting to set it up on Kodi.

Some of the buttons do not seem to work out of the box such as play/pause. I have tried to remap these using the keymap editor addon however I just get an error symbol whenever I press the button to add it to a function.

As such I am looking to setup the remote via a custom keymap.xml, does anyone know if the OSMC remote replies like a keyboard or a generic remote?

Or does someone have an xml they could share with the keys on it that I could take a look at?

Which operating system are you using?
Which model of remote is it?

Running kodi on Ubuntu. I purchased the OSMC remote as it seemed like it would be a good choice for controlling kodi and a good way to not have to deal with CEC which has been quite flakey for me and doesnt always work when switching source on my TV.

Its whatever version of the OSMC remote is currently being sold on the OSMC store, is there somewhere on the remote that will have a version number?

You can run lsusb to determine how recent the remote is, but as you’re on Ubuntu it should be very easy to get going regardless of model.

@darwindesign has a link somewhere – I keep forgetting where it is.

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That Link ActionA posted is where you want to go to get all the buttons working. I have a very modified keymap file that we use for it in OSMC that I’m not sure whether it will load automatically in Ubuntu or not (It was added to Kodi’s main branch but it doesn’t automatically load on all platforms currently and I have not tested it on any Linux full desktop environment yet). If your interested in that keymap you can just copy it from here. More info on this keymap can be found here.

Sorry for the late reply.

Thanks for all your help @darwindesign & @ActionA

I have the remote working for the most part, just need to figure out the play/pause button, whenever I try and use it I get an error on screen (circle with a line through it). Will enable logging and see if it gives me any more info.

I think you are getting that because the button didn’t remap correctly. Double check the hwdb file you made to make sure it is exactly as I posted including having a single space in front of each of lines for the remapped buttons. If that is correct then I would be rather curious as to what Kodi is picking up in a debug log for the handlekey event as it should just be “p”.