Setup Transmission for downloading to NAS (without permission error)

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Today I want show you how to setup Transmission on OSMC for downloading torrents to NAS. For example, router has DD-WRT firmware and we has a hard drive with multiple partitions in NTFS.

First, we must turn on USB support in DD-WRT settings and change Disk Mount Point to /mnt:

Press Save. Then go to Terminal and enter to the router via Telnet (Telnet is turned on by default):


Install ipkg and ntfs-3g for NTFS support (DD-WRT kernel 2.6 strongly required):

ipkg-opt install ntfs-3g

wget -O /opt/fuse.ko

chmod +x /opt/fuse.ko

insmod /opt/fuse.ko

Next we must create directory for mounting hard drive partition. In DD-WRT go to Services - USB and search your hard disk partition for torrents. For example, my partition is Partition 4 (dev/sda4):


In Terminal via DD-WRT Telnet:

mkdir /mnt/diskmedia

Next mount:

ntfs-3g /dev/sda4 /mnt/diskmedia

In DD-WRT settings go to Services - NAS. Turn on Samba. For example, my Server string is HOST and Workgroup is WORKGROUP. For you this values you can find in your network settings. Next add path and user with your password for NAS access. You can allow it for public if you want. Press Save, then Apply.


Next SSH to OSMC and install Transmission (or via Appstore from OSMC, as you like):

sudo apt-get install transmission-daemon

Stop service:

sudo systemctl stop transmission

In config file configure the downloads directory, username and password to web access of Transmission:

sudo nano /home/osmc/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json

Downloads and incomplete directories is /mnt/diskmedia. After configuring press CTRL X, Y, ENTER.

Next in SSH OSMC:

mkdir /mnt/diskmedia


sudo nano /etc/fstab

Add this line, then press CTRL X, Y, ENTER:

// /mnt/diskmedia cifs x-systemd.automount,noauto,rw,iocharset=utf8,username=my_username_from_NAS,password=my_password_from_NAS,uid=osmc,gid=osmc,file_mode=0770,dir_mode=0770 0 0

Torrents - is my folder for torrents.

Reboot your router and OSMC and test :slight_smile:

Hi Andrey,

Settings for DD-WRT seem to useful for a user.

Only one issue with moving to a howto:

Why recommend using this over the over transmission which is available in the osmc store, via Myosmc?

Thanks Tom.

User can install Transmission in Appstore too. I am love SSH. I am fixed my instruction

I think that the DD WRT instructions are quite niche and should perhaps be separate.

Using FUSE to mount NTFS will be quite slow, and you may not achieve a good level of throughput on a low powered device as a result


I think he had the disk formatted with ntfs since the beginning.

Since dd-wrt supports ext4, it would be best to use that instead.

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Without ntfs-3g?