[Setup Wiziard] Setup using iOS app and no keyboard/IR remote

In the setup wizard, it’d be great if OSMC could temporarily broadcast a wifi network to allow you to use an mobile app to allow remote control of OSMC.

Most of the time I have a mobile phone on me with an OSMC remote app. But not always a remote or keyboard.

I also take my OSMC RPi when I travel and often have to change wifi networks. Again it’d be helpful to be able to change the wifi network with the mobile app when a keyboard/remote isn’t to hand.

Broadcasting a WiFi network is something I want to do, but AP mode is only supported by very few adapters unfortunately.

It’s something that we could do for a couple of adapters, but then some users may be confused as to why it works for some people and not for others

We would also have to work out when to host the AP. It’s not as simple as running one if we can’t find a preconfigured network.


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Makes sense.

Would it be possible to integrate support for Rpi3 and above? Or as a Kodi based add on?

If someone wants to take a stab at it I’m happy to include it, but it’s not on my roadmap for the long term at this time. This is because it is not frequently requested and only provides a short benefit

For me it seems more natural to use the phone as a Bluetooth or wired/usb keyboard/mouse. Aren’t apps for this case?