Several issues with 40gb .iso file

When pressing play, it takes about 54 seconds showing BUSY. I guess this is the loading sequence for the blu-ray menu?

then it plays 2 minutes or so and becomes choppy and unwatchable with pauses lasting for about 10 sec.

A quick reboot solves this issue (vero idling for 2 days)

Then when watching for the second time it holds up pretty good, but sound is going more and more of and was stopped about 5 minutes in with sound about 5 seconds after.

Trying again, now trying to enter Blu-ray menu, again loading for about one minute, but not showing Blu ray menu, but starting movie directly.

Smb windows share.
40gb file dts hd-ma
with subs from opensubtitles.
Does not happen on third attempt without subs.

So the sound issue does not happen with subs off.
choppyness is now just random and unpredictable but not major.

Turning subs on 20 minutes in, sound looses sync after 2 minutes.

Cpu0 85pst. Cpu1 55 pst.

More info needed or known issue?

Probably, are you sharing over SMB or NFS. You may notice improvements via NFS resulting in quicker play time.

We are investigating some of these issues with the lag however


What about the subs issue?
yes, i use smb.

I now have the same issue with a 9 gb movie.
As soon as I add subtitles, sound go out of sync.
so I will have to go back to my raspbmc/pi for now.