Several minor issues

Hi there,
I bought a RP3 3 months ago and I’m a newbie in linux stuff.
Since the last update I did a few days ago, steaming audio in BT from RP3 to BT speakers is working fine without any cut/shuttering.
It didn’t work with the previous versions.
However, there’s new minor issues, minor but boring.
1 - At first boot, i never have signal to the monitor, the problem disappears after reboot.
2 - every time I start an audio streaming, there’s no sound on BT speakers. I have to switch from “ALSA:OSMC streaming to bluetooth speaker/headphone” to another setting (“PI:HDMI and analogue” for exemple) and switch back to ALSA:OSCM… and then it works, without rebooting the system.
3 - I have some issues with network access from time to time, I can’t join my NAS or Internet radio with a network error message. When it’s solved i have to repeat step 2.

I hope it can help to improve next ad2p version.
Many thanks to the team.

EDIT : I use the official OSMC BT dongle

I have moved your post into a new thread as the problems you are facing are not directly related to the Bluetooth testing thread.

First try to power down all devices, switch on TV and change to the source for OSMC than start your OSMC box. If you don’t have a signal at that moment log in via SSH and provide logs with grab-logs -A
Also you may want to try either a different HDMI cable or to change the HDMI boost via MyOSMC.

How are you connected to the network? Wired or Wireless? DHCP or Static?
Can you connect to OSMC from your LAN when such problem happen?
Also here logs via grab-logs -A would help.

Hello and thanks for reply.

I don’t use a TV but a VGA monitor with a HDMI/VGA outpout converter. It has worked perfectly until last upgrade/update. Here’s the link to logs I get with no signal to monitor at first boot :

The Raspberry have a wired connection, with a DHCP reservation. As I said, network problems appears from time to time, at the moment it works fine. When I loose access to my NAS or the Internet streaming, it seems to be most because of a writing cache operation that fails than a connectivity loss. I"m using Yaste on my smartphone as a remote, at that moment the device is stil online and i can access to it with SSH console.

Do you have any idea about what I discribe in my previous post in step 2 ? Each time I stop an audio streaming and then start a new one, I have to switch from ALSA:OSMC streaming to bluetooth speaker/headphone to something else, and then switch back to it to have sound on BT speaker.

Thanks for help.

The loss of settings regularly suggests some corruption of a failing SD card

After a fresh install of osmc on the same SD card, I have the same issues.
I’m going to use a brand new SD card and we’ll see. Thanks.

I am not 100% sure if you really had the “loss of settings” phenomena that Sam thought you had. It never harm to try a new SD Card but it might not be the solution to your problem.

You’re right. I’ve tried with a brand new SD card (Scandisk 16 Go) and I have exactly the same issues.