Several Questions

I have just installed OSMC and am having some navigational trouble. I have a couple of questions that I hope are simple.

  1. How can i tell which version of xbmc/kodi i have in this install. I think it still has XBMC loaded and i would like to upgrade to Kodi
  2. Subsequently, how do i upgrade to kodi, it appears the upgrade feature doesn’t ever complete
  3. i’m connected to a computer monitor and would like the raspberry pi to sleep after several minutes of inactivity, how?
  4. i can’t get the wake on lan to work for OSMC. My Yatse remote sends a signal but OSMC does not wake. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance everyone!

Hi Sharke,

the questions sounds strange in the OSMC forum.

  1. Settings > System Info > Then it will show on the left bottom. But if you are using OSMC you are using Kodi as OSMC never was released with XBMC
  2. How do you tell upgrade never complete? Best is to go in with SSH and do sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade as you can monitor what is going on
  3. How do you define sleep? If you mean go into suspend the Raspberry Pie doesn’t support this and it is not needed because of low power usage
  4. WOL is not supported by the Raspberry Pi Hardware.