SFV file verification

Is there a way to have OSMC run a SFV?

I used to FTP files to a server back in the day and I had it setup so I would upload the SFV first and the relevant files queued afterward.
The server would automatically check the files against the SFV upon completion and mark any bad files with a suffix.
It wouldn’t necessarily need to be so automated but it would be nice to be able to execute the check from the Vero locally.
I can check files from a windows pc remotely but it’s super slow as it essentially transfers the file back to the PC.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, see this website as an example: FTP Rush - Check SFV file when download from FTP server

Install the package cfv:

apt-get update
apt-get install cfv

Then, run the following:

cfv -t sfv yourfile.sfv

Thanks for the reply, I’ll check that out.
Something executable from the Vero remote instead of commandline would be great.

Once you have the package installed, it’s possible to map a keypress to run an external script.

You could also just set up a cron job that runs the check on any .sfv file in a directory tree, then deletes the .sfv file if there were no errors.