Shaka Player / manifest.mpd / m3u8


I just wonder if there is a support for JW Player in Vero 4K+?

I try to send link from Firefox plugin “Cast Kodi” but log says: “error probing input format”. But I think it’s due to the system doesn’t support JW Player videos.

Any suggestions to get this going?

Cheers from Sweden!

I think JwPlayer is just an HTML5 player. The actual codec of the files you are trying to play may be more relevant.

I believe JwPlayer only supports casting to Chromecast and via Airplay. We don’t support Chromecast at all and our Airplay support is audio only due to tight control Apple keeps over that standard.

Thanks for the reply, I have analysed the files on the server and see that they use:

Google Shaka Player (it’s on

I found some .m3u8 files on the server and OSMC started to try to play without success.

There are also files called manifest.mpd. These files youtube-dl can read and process. I was able to download streams (audio and video) with it. But OSMC can not understand it.

Just to inform others that the .m3u8 files from a livestream is playable on the OSMC. I installed a “Cast Kodi” plug-in in my browser and could send the link via same to OSMC. It worked. I was thinking about writing a plug-in for Kodi to select the streams in OSMC-gui, but that’s another venture.