Share files between OSMC and Ubuntu?

I’m trying to share files between my OSMC Raspberry Pi and my Ubuntu PC.
The Ubunutu box is connected to the internet with Ethernet, OSMC is connected with Wifi, so many options in OSMC and I’m not sure which one I should focus on.
Anyone sharing files between OSMC and Ubuntu?

Install Samaba Server from OSMC App Store

It doesn’t matter if they are connected with ethernet or Wifi as long as they are connected to the same router/LAN

I’ll put in my personal preference to use NFS if you don’t need to share with Windows systems. If the Ubuntu system is the ‘server’, you will not need to do anything on the Pi, other that setup fstab (fstab is better/more reliable than browsing).

Setting up NFS is a little more complex on the server side, but not that hard. Google NFS Server Ubuntu and you will find plenty of information.

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Done, But can’t find it anywhere in the OSMC menu’s.
when I type Samba into Ubuntu software the only thing that comes up is Smb4k, and it wants me to put UNC address, no idea what that is.

There is no menu for it. It’s a server running in the background
In Ubuntu no need to install anything. Just go to Files -> Network and it should show up.

Ahhhh yes it does, but when I click on it, it says “Unable to access location, Failed to retrieve share list from server, Connection refused.”

This could be related to a current bug on the OSMC Samba Server.

ahhhh think that’s solved it, thanks for your help.