Share library between devices - help for a newbee


i am new to kodi and need some help. I am using a Vero4k+ and have my movies on a windows server (using nfs). I managed all the installation/configuration issues and everything works fine so far.

But now I want to buy 2 more devices and therfore I want to store my “kodi-database” (I altered a lot of artwork, etc) on my server, so that there is only one location for the kodi-database for all my veros. I dont want to Share libraries using UPnP because I dont want a “server-kodi”.

Is there a way to set a serverpath for the save location of the kodi-database?

Thnx for the help.


When using a shared library, you should set up a MySQL / Maria database.
This is outlined here:

You don’t need to set up MySQL via the command line however, and you can do this via My OSMC’s Networking settings.


That link from Sam should get you most of what you need to know. Some important points to keep in mind is that you must have a path that is shared for all devices as the file location information is stored in the database as an absolute path so plan ahead to avoid having to mess with path substitution. Use IP addresses instead of computer names as that can sometimes be troublesome. If you want to retain watched status then you will have to edit your advancedsettings.xml file and turn on importing for that.

If you want to get this setup without disturbing the setup you have now then make a new user profile on your vero and modify that as users do not have to share a library and you can run a mix of sqlite and mysql on the same box.

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