Share USB drives to local network? (Samba installed but can't see Vero on LAN)

I’ve two 8TB USB drives which currently sit in my old Kodi Laptop. One for TV and the other for Movies.
If I connect these directly into the Vero 4k+ can I configure them to be accessible from other W10 PC’s on my LAN?

I can ping the Vero 4k+ IP Address, and OSMC can read the content of the drives.

The Vero isn’t visible under Network on W10 - is there some configuration I’ve missed?

Try to enable SMB1.0 under Windows features on or off

There is a wiki article, here: File sharing with a NAS, media server, windows share or other device

Especially the chapter “OSMC as a Server” could be of interest for you.

Let us know if there are still questions and we can help.

Thanks Jim.

I’ve enabled the SAMBA server, and updated the W10 settings on my PC.

If I Start, Run “\” W10 returns an empty windows explorer window, but no folders are visible. From reading that article, this is what I’d expect if I was using NFS - so I don’t know which protocol W10 is using.

If I do the same on an old W7 laptop, Start, Run “\”

I can see a share named OSMC which contains folders named Movies, Music, Pictures, and TV Shows which looks to be the internal memory.

I can also see a share named “osmc-usb-ssd” which is the volume of the USB drive and the folder within that contain TV and Movies.

So how do I get W10 to offer the same user browsing experience as W7?

Did you see this?

Browsing shares is a feature of SMB1 which is depreciated because of security issues. Either manually activate it on Win10 or just mount the folders without browsing.

Okay - Thanks all.

Mapping to the Share (blindly or using the info from the W7 Laptop) has worked :slight_smile:

Would moving to SMB3 allow W10 to see the shares in the traditional fashion?