Shared database for my 2 vero 4k+ boxes

Hi I’m new on here, i currently have 2 x vero4k+ boxes which i use with a unraid server, what’s the best way of going about a shared database?
I’m not bad with computers but never used mysql before and configured this!
I know there’s a wiki on how to do it but am i correct in setting up mysql on unraid and having the database on there, i currently have all my media linked to my unraid server… What’s the best way, can anyone help.?.. Thanks

Generally it makes sense to have the shared MySQL server on the same server where your Media is stored. So yes best to install it on the unraid server.
Alternatively you also can install the MySQL server on one of the two Vero’s but then you depend on that machine if you want to watch from the other. So better to do on the Unraid Server