Shared Kodi library keeps creating new separate MySQL databases

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I have five raspberry pies running OSMC kodi 17.6. I also have a couple of Android devices (phone/ tablet) and a MAC OS X running kodi 18.1. They are all running Kodi with a shared MySQL database.

Somehow, one or more of the nodes has created a new separate video and music databases even though the DB was started from scratch and identical XML configs copied to all participating nodes and all nodes rebooted as per kodi mysql docs. The MySQL instance runs on a Western Digital ext2 NAS device on the same home network. Here is the advancedsettings.xml that all nodes use:

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“utf-8”?> <advancedsettings> <videodatabase> <host></host> <user>kodi</user> <pass>kodi</pass> <type>mysql</type> <port>3306</port> </videodatabase> <musicdatabase> <host></host> <user>kodi</user> <pass>kodi</pass> <type>mysql</type> <port>3306</port> </musicdatabase> <videolibrary> <importwatchedstate>true</importwatchedstate> <importresumepoint>true</importresumepoint> </videolibrary> </advancedsettings>

Can you provide any guidance on why new DBs are being created? Different schemas between kodi 17 and 18? Any help would be much appreciated. I love what OSMC/kodi has done and I’m close to getting my wife to join the cable cutting revolution.

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All versions of Kodi need to be same. There will be a v18.1 update for OSMC shortly.
But the five Pis should be able to share a database currently.


Here is a table of database versions in Kodi:


:+1: Thank you!!

In case anyone can help with some housekeeping - I have a few entries in the database list via phpMyAdmin on my Synology server that don’t correspond to the table of Kodi database versions linked above, could these be left over from brief experiments with Kodi 18 last year?

MyMusic 70
MyVideos 109
MyVideos 110
MyVideos 107107

This table should help you: Databases - Official Kodi Wiki

The MyVideos107107 must have been created by you. The others were probably created by V18 as there were a number of changes to the database structure during the beta testing.