Sharing a USB HD attached to Raspberry Pi 3 on Windows Network

Hi there,

I’m using OSMC (downloaded last week) on a Raspberry Pi3 and have managed to get it to see and access shared drives on my various home networked Windows devices.

I’m very happy with the quality and versatility of playback, user interface etc, but one thing I’d really like to do is to share a hard drive that’s attached to the Pi3 so my Windows devices can see it. I’d prefer not to have to use a command line as I’m totally unfamiliar with Linux but if needs must. I’ve tried everything I can think of using the GUI, and have trawled many sites, but really don’t know enough about it at the moment - sorry!

Many thanks in advance.

Well seems you didn’t find the most easiest way of just installing samba server from the App Store

Just install the Samba Server from the App Store. Then all of your attached drives will be visible.

I know I can download Samba, but isn’t that already in the latest version of osmc? If it isn’t, what’s the SMB protocol I’m already using to access my Windows devices shares?

That’s a client.

You need to install the Samba Server from the App Store.

OK, I see. Thanks for your prompt reply and help. I’ll try it.

Hi, it works like a charm. Thanks so much for your help - much appreciated!