Sharing add ons


Recently I’ve bought a Raspberry Pi that I want to use as a media center.
I’ve installed oscm on it and added a few video addons.
I connected the Raspberry Pi with my TV and it runs smoothly. I can even watch my the public broadcast of my country, along with many other things. So I want to cancel my tv subscription because I can still watch everything on Kodi.
But is it possible to share those add ons from my country with an Ipad? Or a laptop?
My Raspberry Pi is downstairs next to my TV connected with my router.
If I am upstairs with my Ipad, will this work?
I know it is possible to share video files but I don’t know if I can share those video addons.
If not, is there another way or device to do this?

It would depend on the Addons, but my guess would be no, you’d have to install Kodi on you Ipad with the same addons.