Sharing files to OSMC

I’ve tried everything I can think of to share files to OSMC. I’ve used:
But the Pi can’t seem to find anything under UPNP devices or Windows network(SMB)

Could anyone assist me in why this is?

Please describe what options you have set, how you connect to the network etc.
Or upload logs with myosmc log uploader and post the link here.

Please refrain from opening multiple duplicate topics!

I am sorry for making 2 posts, I thought the first post didn’t create.
The problem is solved now so the post can be closed.
Sorry for all of this.

Would be good if you could explain how you solved it for other people to learn who are in the same situation.

It was human error on my part, for some reason my SAMBA share wasn’t shared on the whole network, so when connecting to a different router from te share, it obviously wouldn’t work.