Sharing Kodi library across multiple Vero 4k+?

Since it’s essentially just Kodi, will sharing libraries across multiple Vero4k devices work?

I.e. How to Share Libraries Across Multiple Devices Kodi


Other than making sure that “wait for network” is enabled on the Vero (Setting up your network connection), yes, a shared library using MySQL/MariaDB works exactly the same on Kodi running on top of OSMC.

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Thanks for this, having an issue sharing to Kodi on a FireTV stick though.

Vero has UPnP enabled and share my libraries and has been restarted.

The FireTV stick has UPnP enabled and has been restarted. However browsing to UPnP when adding a video source on the FireTV stick shows nothing. Is there an easy way to check it’s working before I decide it’s the FIre TV stick being funny. Vero is wired and FIre TV wireless on the same network.

Try this on the Vero:

Changeing portnumber to 8200 in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/upnpserver.xml by sshing into the vero and run these commands:

systemctl stop mediacenter
nano /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/upnpserver.xml
systemctl start mediacenter

In order to save your changes in nano press CTRL+x, then y then enter

I’m using an Emby server to share across 2 Fire Sticks, 3 or 4 Fire Tablets, a couple PCs, and a Vero 4K+ (played around with Xbox Kodi, too). It’s running on my unRAID server, but there are other options.

After you click on “UPnP devices” you may have to let it sit on the browsing screen in Kodi for several minutes before the devices show up. You may also need to check the settings on your router or access point and make sure there is not a setting blocking IGMP traffic from your wireless to wired networking. What exactly it is called depends on your hardware but normally it would be something like isolation, IGMP, or muticast. I was able to add the sources on my FireTV and see all the info. The media would not play and I really had no interest in troubleshooting any farther though as it is really not an optimal device for the task IMO.

With that being said I don’t think UpNP is a great way to use Kodi as you can’t run a normal library that way. MySQL is personally my prefered way to run a whole home setup.

Many thanks, I shall do some more investigating although I did come across a bug that had been raised for Kodi 18.

I’ll be getting a Vero for the bedroom eventually as Sky Q does netflix so no need for the Fire TV stick except for Kodi.

I’d just like similar functionality to Sky Q so I can continue watching in the bedroom etc.