Shipping to Canda

This is no way meant to be a slight or criticism, just more a curiousity question.

I placed a order on April 26 and understanding it was a Friday and would not likely be shipped until Monday, maybe even Tuesday at the latest. I do have a email saying it was packaged and then complete on Tuesday c/w tracking details. It is still not showing as received by the Royal Mail and it is now Thursday (yes very early :slight_smile: ) in the UK. Any idea how long it takes Royal Mail to acknowledge they have the package and it is on it’s way?

Cheers, Al

Can you provide the order number so I can check this for you?

Eamil sent with order and tracking details.

BTW…unbelievable FAST response from you Very impressed!

Most welcome. Will pick up emails shortly.


Don’t seem to have got an email from you yet.

I’ve found your order from your Discourse email.

I packaged this at 9PM on Tuesday (have been working late to fulfil orders after the update and sale).

Your order was collected Wednesday afternoon at 4.10PM.

A number of items we shipped are still awaiting a scan. This isn’t abnormal when we send a large number of items in a single send.

I’ll keep an eye on it but not to worry, it’s on its way.

Sometimes when a mail centre is overloaded the items don’t get scanned in to the mail centre but later at LHR airport on the outbound flight.

So in short: item is sent, on its way, and keep monitoring the tracking.
Didn’t get an email from you though.



Woohoo, making some progress, it might actually leave the UK Friday. Can’t wait!

It’s on its way :slight_smile:

I will raise the delay issue with my account manager but in the interim have demanded that this item will be expedited

Thanks for looking into this Sam, it is appreciated.

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OK now I am starting to get a bit concerned. Crazy that it still has not even shown as arrived in Canada.

I’m not sure what website you are using to track your order but I can see that the item left Heathrow on Friday and is awaiting customs clearance in Canada.

You can use the tracking that we provided in the order dispatch email.

Note that our time frame is 3-5 working days after dispatch but this doesn’t include customs clearance.

I can see that the order is processing just fine.

Yes very strange. I clck in the Royal Mail link you provide in the conformation email which says it left GB. I then click (on the same page) the “Continue Tracking” link which takes me to Canada Post which shows the message in the previous post. If you have a different link or method please let me know.
Guess I will just sit back and wait.

Canada Post won’t give you an update on their page until it clears customs, because it’s technically not in their possession yet.

Nothing to worry about - it will update in time.

WoooooooHoooooooo …
My Vero V arrived yesterday., look forward to setting it up this weekend. Sorry for being a pain about the shipping, I should know by now that Canada Post is HORRIBLE" at displaying any sort of real time info unti the day of delivery.
Cheers, Al

I had no doubt you’d get it without any problems.

Any issues, you know where to find us :slight_smile: