Hello there, i just ordered a Vero4K+ , because i was fed up with the mi box stuttering and the bad connectivity .

When can i expect this promising box.

Sorry for maybe my faulty english as it is not my main language :slight_smile:

Happy to read and learn in this community
Greetings Tom

It’s hard to say how long delivery will take without an order number but it should ship immediately.

ah k, tx for the response .
the number is 29334.
Was just wondering how long it take to arrive in Belgium :slight_smile:

You should get it this week.
It will ship tomorrow.

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Hi all,
I ordered my Vero4K+ a couple of days ago & really looking forward to getting it hooked up in my movie system, I’ve been enjoying Kodi for a couple of months now & that’s what has led me to the Vero.
Does anyone know if the orders are currently shipping? I haven’t received a shipping notification & when I check my order, it just says “processing”.

Many thanks

Yes, orders are currently shipping daily without any delays / backlog.

I’ve checked your order. You ordered Tuesday, but after the cut off point, so it was only shipped on Wednesday.

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Thank you very much Sam, that is great. :slightly_smiling_face:

You will get the tracking details when it has been scanned in to Gatwick.