I’ve ordered a Vero 4K+ on 2020-07-17 (Order #30258: 8 days ago) and I’ve received exactly one e-mail: an order receipt shortly after purchasing but since then: nothing. I’ve checked my spam folders but there is no communication whatsoever from OSMC since the payment confirmation.
Can someone check this order number and give me an update, please?
I’m also a bit displeased I’ve had to create an account on a community forum to go and ask for a status update.

Patience is a virtue


As we put on our website, we stopped shipping from 12th to 20th July. We have now resumed shipping and we are working through a small backlog. Your order should ship this week and you will receive and email with tracking information when it does.

If this is not satisfactory, then we can refund the order for you



No that’s quite fine, thank you.
Could you point me to that information about having stopped shipping, resuming and working through a backlog, please? I didn’t notice at the time of ordering and wasn’t able to find it now either.

It was displayed as a banner on the website and checkout pages. We have since removed it as the store has reopened.

That information is no longer advertised on the purchase pages now that shopping has resumed.

This info is not widely advertised. While you may see info such as expected shipping/delivery dates when doing business with a large retailer such as Amazon, it’s not common for small sales and shipping outlets, such as is OSMC, to advertise this type of information. It is common practice of such outlets to provide tracking info once your item has shipped, as Sam has advised.