Shortcut to Radiostations (any radio plugin)

Hello community,

I’m really impressed by osmc, as its wokring at home on 3 Pis with central DB. What i would like to have is, not to navigate to all menus in xbmc remote to play a certain radio station (tuneup plugin with favorites). I would like to have it as a short cut as well in osmc/confluence skin as in xbmc remote. Is this possible?

Check out the Settings for the Confluence skin ?

With the radio addon you can bring up the context menu and add a station to your favorites iirc.

this is within the plugin, what i mean is a shortcut directly in the main menu

Le sigh

Settings > appearance > skin > settings > addon shortcuts.

nearly, i already found that out. but thats not sufficient… What i want is the following:

the plugin tunein Radio has a favorourites list and there are my favourite radio stations. I want short cuts to about 4 or five of them directly in music main menu…

I’m not aware of this being possible in confluence without digging into the skin code.

yea, i think this is the case - as this would be a nice feature request - where should i post it?

I really wanna have my favorites radio stations in main menu just like “Recent movies” for Movies menu.