Shorted my rpi3 by accident

So was setting up my rpi3 to watch movie and when I placed it down on table the screen shut off.

I picked it up and noticed a coin underneath. I didn’t have the case on and the coin must have shorted the pins.

Now there is no green light just red light for power.

Looking on other forums seems there is issue with 5v and 3.3v pins can get shorted.

Lesson learned. Might as well upgrade to rpi4 seeing as osmc coming soon for it.

No movie night for me tonight :man_shrugging::slightly_frowning_face:

If you pick up the RPi 4 I would recommend picking up a FLIRC case while your at it so you don’t have a repeat (plus it takes care of cooling). Also make sure you have a USB type C PSU and a micro HDMI cable as you will need them.

Then again once your purchase all this your not that far off from the price of a Vero 4K+.

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