Should a battery be included in the Vero package?

I just received my Vero and thought it should include a battery because of this: “Open the remote’s battery lid and remove the small plastic tab underneath the battery” but there is no battery inside. I guess it was missed so what type of battery should I but for it?


There was a Mitsubishi CR2032 3V battery included in my Vero remote.

There should be and I’m sorry you didn’t get one. If you send me an email I can post you one.

Alternatively, if it is quicker for you, you are looking for a CR-232 battery. They can be found cheaply on Amazon or eBay

I will make sure the remote manufacturer does better in the future as this has happened twice now


Alright great. Thanks for the information and no problem, it’s still early in production - it’s fine :slight_smile: