Should I be worried?

I had an issue with my original 1st gen Vero 4k over the weekend where it reported an addon error with regards to OSMC updates. After rebooting and trying a manual scan for updates within My OSMC and using the OSMC addon in Program addons I got the same error.
At the same time the front blue LED was either flickering or going off completely,
as I had guests staying and little free time I deferred trying to diagnose or post here about it, but today I came home with the explicit intention of recreating the error and posting a log but all is working well again (including the blue LED), so should I be worried something is failing or just count it as one of those things?

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Sometimes an update will fail if there’s a drop in connectivity during the update check.

You can recheck for updates again under My OSMC ->Updates -> Manual Controls to make sure everything is up to date


Hi Sam thanks for the reply,
the problem wasn’t an update failing it was Kodi giving an addon error whenever my Vero tried to check for updates or I manually tried.
It all seems fine now but was a little strange that it did it for at least two days, I had tried reboots and complete power downs when it happened and as I said the blue power LED was either flickering or not working at all during those days.
I wonder if this is an indication something is about to fail or a glitch I can forget about?

The LED might be on its way out; but it really just sounds like your connection to the OSMC update server dropped when you checked for updates.

The add-on error will occur if you lose a network connection during the check or download of updates. It can be resolved by checking for updates again.

Thanks, I did recheck for updates several times and my 4K+ in another room was connecting perfectly well.
I’m not overly fussed about the blue LED as if it does fail it will just make my 4K the same as my 4K+.
I guess this was just a weird glitch that has now resolved itself.