Should I have received a shipping confirmation by now?

I ordered and paid for a Vero V on Wednesday and got the first order receipt saying my order was on hold until payment was received, and then the second order receipt saying my order was now being processed.

That’s all I’ve had, so I’m assuming that the payment has been received, but it hasn’t shipped yet.

Will I be getting a confirmation once it does ship? I don’t want to go out and find when I get back that I’ve missed the delivery…

…and I just went to the soft launch page to check shipping information, removed the Vero V from my cart, and still got an email 15 minutes later saying “I noticed you left something in your cart”.

Please don’t send emails like that! It’s just hassling people.

At the very least, it should be opt-in.

We only send one email if you add the Vero to cart and don’t complete the checkout. If you don’t want to receive such an email, don’t add a Vero to the cart when logged in and leave the checkout page.

Without an order number, I can’t advise. We are dealing with all of the orders as promptly as possible.

I deleted it from the cart, though.

In any case, it’s still a marketing communication, so it requires opt-in, not opt-out.

As for the order, I just wanted to check that there would be a shipping confirmation, so I know I’m safe to go out tomorrow if I don’t receive one today…

It counts as a legitimate interest under GDPR and is therefore exempt as by adding to the cart we expect that you intend to purchase the item. If you do not add it to the cart and you’re just browsing, this is of course not the case and we won’t send any email.

If you delete from the cart it will not send any email. This is not possible. Perhaps you deleted it after the email was sent.

Yes, you will receive an email when the order ships.

Yeah, it does. That happened to me too.

Yup, can confirm. Accidentally added another Vero V to my cart, deleted it, Email received.

You would have received an email only if you left the cart for 15 minutes.

I have checked all email logs and can confirm this is the case.

I shipped your order today, with tracking.
Hopefully sending that email was OK…

Most of the people that reply to that email highlight difficulties with payment or queries like will I get the correct PSU? And it’s quickly rectified.

I have opted you out for all further correspondence and can only apologise if you felt like you received unsolicited email.



Thanks — though I just got an email asking if I knew about the newsletter, as I didn’t sign up when I placed the order. Which is an odd thing to send, because I signed up for the newsletter a couple of weeks before placing the order :grin:

Is it possible you used a different email address for the Newsletter?

I don’t think so — though if you opted me out from all further correspondence and that included unsubscribing from the newsletter, that would explain it…

Is there anything in the newsletter that isn’t in the blog? I already have that in my feed reader, so the newsletter might be redundant in my case.

Ah, that would be it.