Should I upgrade to Vero V?

I have been using the Vero 4k since 2018. Overall has been a good experience except for the last year with the cec bug.

With the Vero V now out I am wondering if I need to upgrade. Apart from the latest hardware it seems for my use case which is just watching 4k movies the current vero 4k should be fine.

Am I missing something or can I hold off for now?

We are still supporting Vero 4K for now, but if you want a faster system that is more future proofed you could upgrade.

The Vero 4K won’t get a newer kernel, although a newer one is planned for Vero V.

The current pricing is introductory, and may need to go up in the future


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And if you plan on using a projector and need good HDR to SDR tonemapping, the Vero V is evidently the better choice.

As far as we know, the main advantages of the Vero V at the moment are:

  • Support for videos using the AV1 codec.
  • Support for Widevine L1, which means somewhat improved performance when accessing commercial streaming services (e.g. Netflix, Disney Plus).
  • Navigating around the UI will be a bit more snappy; faster boot times; scraping a bit quicker.
  • Superior HDR to SDR conversion.
  • An internal remote dongle so you have two free USB ports.
  • One of the the USB ports is USB 3.0, which means better performance copying files to or from a locally connected drive.
  • Able to handle 4K/60fps material more smoothly.
  • A fix for some (rare) cases where subtitles are displayed in the wrong colours.
  • Better quality upscaling.

I hope that there will be some video post processing improvements planned as well? I remember seeing a noticable video improvement when using MadVR on my PC.

I’m hoping that the new CPU has the capabilities to do at least some basic video improvements?

Thanks everyone all very helpful. All I use my Vero for is 4k movies on a oled tv. So I think I will just wait for it to break before getting a new one.

Yes - there are HDR tonemapping improvements with Vero V.

If by “a bit” you mean significantly, then sure. The Vero 4K in the UI seems sluggish in comparison. It even feels faster navigating the UI than my RPi 4’s that are all running from the same MySQL database (as a subjective comparison).

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Indeed, until you actually try the Vero V I think you won’t appreciate the difference in performance.

** An internal remote dongle so you have two free USB ports.*

Not sure this one is a plus to be fair, the new remote is much less ‘positive’ than the previous one. You need to be closer to the box or you can get freezes of the remote.

But the UI is quicker and doesn’t seem to get stuck scrolling through large libraries.

A few users have reported remote issues.

I will monitor the situation and we’ll deal with this robustly.

A few more many users have received devices and not reported issues.