Should Vero Be Able to Play Dolby Vision Videos?

I played a DV video and only audio came out.

Shouldn’t Vero be able to play Dolby Vision videos? But just as HDR? What’s the expected behavior?

It’s expected you post logs :wink:


Sounds like you are playing YouTube videos with the new codec that Kodi doesn’t like (AV1)…If you play a standard bluray x264/65, Vp9 DV video, it will display as HDR10.

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The file should play – but we need to know more about the format.
You could get us some MediaInfo from and we should be able to advise further.

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Sorry I haven’t been able to attend to this issue yet. I’ll post logs and upload video sample when I have more time.

Something I want to note here is that today’s beta update plays these dolby vision videos but as SDR and very green hue.

Ok. - Here’s the media information according to - Here’s the log from the stable 2020.11-1 that won’t play - Here’s the log from beta from the testing thread.

Hope this helps. - In case you want some sample videos, check out