Should we use a NAS as external hard drive?


I will have a Raspberry Pi 3 and I currently have a Samsung D3 2To.

I’m presently looking for a second hard drive in order to save my datas in case of my samsung D3 2To crash (I think to buy a second Samsung D3 2To).

But finally, i’m asking myself If I shouldn’t buy a NAS for better performance ? Or maybe the USB 2.0 ports of Rpi3 are enough and I can plug both of HDD on it…

What do you think about it ? Should we use a NAS instead of USB ports on a raspberry Pi with OSMC ?




Does the drive have it’s own powersupply? Powering two drives via the USB ports is quite unlikely.
If you talk about performance the USB 2.0 port would for sure be a bottle neck to access both drives at the same time. But if you just use them on that Pi then you would at least not fight against the Ethernet also running on the USB port.
So long story short if you want to share files to multiple sources on the network at the same time a dedicated NAS will beat the Pi.


Yes they have their own powersupply.

Thank for this answer I will stay without NAS :).