Show City on Weather menu

I would like to see the city explicitly displayed somewhere on the weather menu.

As far as I can tell, the city only appears if you click “OK” to bring up the menu to cycle through city 1-2-3. It so happened that I had recently switched to city 2 without knowing it. For several days I thought I was looking at my forecast (city 1) when I was not!

Address this issue at forums… This is specific to Kodi and not a function of OSMC itself.

OK. But if I switch to Confluence skin and check Weather, the city is clearly displayed. So doesn’t that mean the functionality / data is available, but the OSMC skin has not implemented it?

In that case, I can only advise patience, the skin is still a work in progress and I will ensure that this issue is made known to the skin devs.

Thanks for the feedback. Completely understood that the skin is under active development. This is certainly not urgent, I just wanted to make the request as an eventual “nice to have”

I made this change and submitted a pull request. Does anyone know if the OSMC skin is still monitored (doesn’t look like any changes have been made on GitHub in several months)?