Show colour text in ssh


Just wondering if could add some colour to the text using ssh. At the moment its white for everything.

Be nice to have the osmc@osmc:~$ part green then enter white text. Makes it a bit easier if studying long list of code see where one command ends next begins.

Maybe im being a bit OCD :stuck_out_tongue:

OSMC is debian based. A google search will likely bring you some instruction on how to enable colored terminal.

The top file here by Emmanuel Rouat is the one I use on my OSMC installation and it works very well.

You need to save the file as .bashrc in your home directory for it to work.

And then run the following though to get the most out of it:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install cowsay fortune-mod fortunes-min

Thanks yknivag

Seen there was a .bashrc file in directory already.

Just had to uncomment line force_color_prompt=yes

Cheers anyways

It depends what you want the colour for. If it is just for the look that will work. The .bashrc file I posted the link to changes the colour of sections of the prompt depending on load, free disk space and permissions on the current working directory, so it uses the colour for a purpose.