Show cover of movie playing in OSMC skin

I’ve added it to the request list. As all things on that list have been either merged into the skin in some form or another or have been ruled out as favourable additions to the skin with proper explanation, I can assure you that this will not simply vanish. You can have a look on the forum for requests answered by me and even old threads updated by me to let users know about the status.

The way @spl147 has implemented the idea in question in his skin mod, will most likely not be what we’d have in mind though. But I’ll think about it and if I come up with something I’ll let you know. For now, I haven’t got a very good idea in mind that I could present as a mock-up. I’ve also not made up my mind - and discussed this with the team (I’m consulting with everyone in the OSMC team normally) - whether this is something I’ll pursue.

You’ve not stepped on anyone’s toes, we just try to be clear about what the process is and what you can expect, so there won’t be any disappointment eventually. As requests have been followed by me before that were brought up by a single user and were, in the end, not appreciated by the users in question, I tend to be more careful. Meaning: If a request is not backed by more users and/or we as a team don’t agree on a good way of implementing it, we will let it rest on the request list until that changes. Just being honest and clear here :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Chilbo

Superb! Thx for your effort! We’ll see what future brings !


Here is what i ended up settling on for the OSD. i think it is very tasteful, and compliments the skin well.

i know @Chillbo is not a fan of Icon based flags but i think they work well here!

Nice, congrats, i would want that too…
Wish i could such stuff, ill just wait and see what comes

just make the changes yourself, it’s not really that hard.

@Chillbo is there light at this tunnel :slight_smile:

I haven’t looked into this, no.

No problem, i have time

After giving this some thought, I have decided not to incorporate this request. The video OSD on the bottom of the screen is a place for video playback progress information of all sorts and video controls. Information about the currently played back media is to be found in the upper half of the screen - in the way of the video playback info dialog and the process player info dialog. The former one shows scraped library or PVR backend video information and the latter shows decoder and stream information. All in all, those three areas/dialogs show three different types of information, all of which are in no way redundant to the other ones.
Introducing any extra cover or title information would introduce redundancy that’s not in line with a minimalistic approach: each of the other information is one button click away by Kodi design.


Mmm thats really, really a pity :frowning:
Guess i’ll have to “adjust” each version then.

Maybe @spl147 can help me… then

like i said from day 1, copy the OSMC skin to your addon folder and start modding