Show cover of movie playing in OSMC skin

Is it possible to show the cover of the movie which is playing, when pausing and the OSD comes on?
Using the scope skin…

Would love to see that

It is skin dependent, you shoud ask the skin author.

Or modify the VideoFullScreen.xml to add it.

Here is mine for my OSMC MODv2 Skin

Actually the skin author, asked me to put it here so…

What @spl147 posted is basically the same the info dialog would show. I’d say that the info dialog should present more information than what is shown as soon as the pause button is pressed for the simple reason that two dialogs shouldn’t show the exact same information.
Atm, our skin doesn’t show any information except the controls during pause to keep things simple - like most other skins actually also do.

You’d just like to see the movie cover during pause, not the information visible in the info dialog, @skank? Is that correct?

Yes i agree with you

what @spl147 is showing is way too much info, indeed we have that in info dialog

What i ask for, is something simple indeed , just showing movie cover during pause

Something like this

Which skin is that from? Confluence?

I’d have to think about how we could incorporate something like this into the design of our skin. Not sure it would fit, but I’ll add it to the list of requests :+1:t2:

Sorry, you are correct, that is my info dialog. I really like what you posted for the pause dialog, I will incorporate that into my skin as well

It may be a bit more respectful to refer to it as “my skin mod” as opposed to “my skin”.


you are absolutly correct, i was posting from my phone on the go. My OSMC Skin MOD.

something like this?

it’s a start yeah
But my example was nicer.
But maybe you shouldnt do this, perhaps its better hey officaly support it?
Cause otherwise with every update, its gone again
It’s even not available for the scope skin.
Let’s see what @Chillbo says

I’ll have a look and see what could work. Consider that we haven’t had requests for this yet, so it would have to be even less intrusive than the design mandates anyway… Haven’t got a perfect idea on the top of my head just now.

Any additions that the normal OSMC get do go into the scope skin as well :+1:t2:

Thanks mate
You got my vote :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is what i ended up with:

Already looks cool, maybe add the title right next to the pause icon? in color, and then the icons of the mediainfo smaller?

@Chillbo, maybe you can pick up the changes spl147 made, so you dont have to redo it?

Could we possibly pretend to be a shade less entitled?

We’ve received one request. We may not even like this change. There are literally thousands upon thousands of OSMC users besides yourself. @Chillbo made no promise except to add it to the request list. Can we pretend that other users besides @skank have an opinion?


OK, so im gonna say it again! OSMC is a minimalistic skin, you will never see pops of color! Or excessive info. That is exactly why i modded the skin to meet my tastes.

Not to mention the changes I made above are what I like and want to see inthe OSMC MODDED Skin i created!

you want to see something different, Have at it! NO one is stopping you from modding the skin to siut your own wants and needs.

I think it’s safe to say you are not going to see the changes YOU want in the official release.

So dive in and MOD up the skin and make it what you want!.

Google is your friend

I totally agree, the I want this do it now attitude is horrendous!

In the beginning i asked for changes and soon found out that my approach to the skin was not in line with the look and feel OSMC is going for, so i started reading the skinning manual and now i have a modded version of the very awesome OSMC skin.

I think @skank needs to realize the above.


I’m sorry to offended you guys, this wasnt my purpose. I think this is due to the language barrier.

Indeed its a request, i just wanted to help… you know
i said Chillbo doesnt have to redo (to spare him time) all over again…
IF its merged into main skin

If its not , then ok , i rest my case

Wow didn know you guys where so easily stepped on toes.

Offcourse other people have an opinion, i never said they dont

Calme down please

@skank, the Simple point is, if you want/need specific elements in the Skin. then fork the repository and customize it to suite your needs!