Show OSMC content on iPad

Can an iPad be used as the output screen for KODI on OSMC?
My daughter wants to be able to display KODI output on an iPad connected to the same network so that the TV can be free for adult use whilst the kids watch the movies from KODI.
I have an RPi2B running OSMC and there are a ton of kid programs in mp4 format on the 1TB hard drive connected to the RPi2. She would like the kids to retire to their room to watch rather than occupying the living room TV.
If it is possible then please advice the configuration steps needed (preferably via the command line using PuTTY if it can be done remotely).
Also how the iPad would connect to KODI, select the video and play it.

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You cannot use the ipad as a screen for osmc with any kind of watchable performance for movies.

You can use osmc as a dlna server though and run a dlna client on the ipad to watch your library.

I use ArkMC Pro wireless Media Streaming Server och videoplayer with my wifes iphone, it says it works with ipad aswell. A few bucks but it’s worth it. Choose source and play it on your i-device. Or choose local media, like homevideos, photos and music and stream that to your OSMC or any other upnp /dlna device (Xbox360 , ps4, another iphone running the software, windows mediaplayer).

I think it was a good investment, the interface could be abit nicer. But once you’ve learned how to do it it’s simple. My kids can do it without problems, just had to show them once.

There is a free version of the app, but it has some limitations.

Install MrMC from the App Store on your iPad and enable UPNP in setting easy :slight_smile: and enable UPNP on rasp osmc