Show raspberry pi on laptop

Hopefully someone can help me out. I want to connect my pi to my laptop using ethernet cable. But I don’t get it done… When using putty and x11 forwarding in combination with xming I get message that lxsession or startlxde command does not exists… Even when I use mobaxterm with same commands I get same error. I am running these command in root
So in both cases I can connect to the pi but not show screen…

Are you trying to get OSMC screen visible on PC? Search for VNC, maybe this will meet your expectations.

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@oozee is right. There should be a VNC tutorial in the how to subforum here that will provide directions. You should know though, this won’t be useful for watching media on your laptop.

OSMC does not use x11, it renders to the frame buffer, that’s why your x11 forwarding by ssh was not successful.