Show TV Show Infomation as Default Select Action

Hey guys,
Apologies If I have placed this in the incorrect topic.

At the moment while browsing TV Shows, if a user selects a show using the “Ok” button on the Vero 4k+ remote, the screen navigates to the season selection, eg season 1, 2, or 3.

What I would love to be able to change is having the infomation for that tv show popup/display (Screenshot for reference) instead of the season selection.

The “default Select Action” in Settings > Media > Videos is set to “Show Infomation” but I guess this is only for movies?

Sorry if I haven’t using quite the correct terminology but the infomation button on the remote is what I’m referring too.
In any case, many thanks in advance for any ideas or feedback! :slight_smile:

This seems like an undesirable way to navigate, and you can bring up the full screen information screen with the “i” button on the remote, but if you really want this behavior it should be something like this (not tested fyi)…

			<return mod="longpress">select</return>

If you don’t already know where to put that see this thread…

As for the select behavior setting I think the disparity your seeing is that setting being for a media items and not for folders.

Hey darwindesign,

Thanks for the info and direction! I’m going to have a look at it latter tomorrow.

Thanks again & stay safe. :slight_smile:

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