Shutdown don't work anymore since July Update

Since the july update the menu option “quit” or shutdown , don’t stop the system, but reboot the system.
I’ve try with skin metropolis and osmc, same problem.
I see nothing in the logfiles, but if you need this logs, tell me .

I assume you’re trying to halt the system.

Does shutdown -h now work?

Hi Sam
Sorry i try to use the menu option in OSMC or Metropolis skin. It’s works before the july update.

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information, including logs from you. Please see How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC for advice on how to help us help you.

Another sorry
shutdown -h don’t work also, vero 2 reboot

You should see

meson prepare power off

in your logs before the halt.

I see with shutdown -h :

15:09:47 T:3030867968 NOTICE: Saving settings
15:09:47 T:3030867968 NOTICE: stop all
15:09:47 T:3030867968 NOTICE: stop player
15:09:47 T:3030867968 NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::CloseFile()
15:09:47 T:3030867968 NOTICE: DVDPlayer: waiting for threads to exit
15:09:47 T:2646602736 NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::OnExit()
15:09:47 T:2646602736 NOTICE: Closing stream player 1
15:09:47 T:2646602736 NOTICE: Waiting for audio thread to exit
15:09:47 T:2361983984 NOTICE: thread end: CDVDPlayerAudio::OnExit()
15:09:47 T:2646602736 NOTICE: Closing audio device
15:09:47 T:2646602736 NOTICE: Deleting audio codec
15:09:47 T:2646602736 NOTICE: Closing stream play

It’s better to upload the log, what you will log with

  • gui menu “stop”
    or log with console shutdown -h

Tail the system journal (as that’s where the printk would come from)

I don’t know to do it
Here the grap-logs -A

I’ll have a look at this in a short while.

I can replicate the problem. I have made some changes and will build them now and see if this fixes the issue.

Hi Michael

My proposed fix didn’t give me any resolution. I noticed that downgrading to an older kernel restored the desired behaviour though. I am investigating the solution.


Hi Sam
That’s life, I can waiting.
Merci for your work


I was able to identify the problem and restore the old behaviour. In the July update, I quietly added a hardware watchdog. This isn’t in use yet, but in the future it will allow devices to automatically reboot if they have a hard lockup.

When we were calling shutdown, the watchdog was rebooting the device as the timeout was being triggered. The Vero 2’s hardware watchdog thought that the device had frozen, so it was triggering a restart. I have now resolved this behaviour in this commit:

The fix will be available in the next OSMC update.

Thanks for reporting this problem, I did not notice it when testing the July update.


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I had this problem as well, and was just looking for a report of anyone else with it - and find that it has already been dealt with :smile:

Thanks for the good work!