Shutdown takes 1min 30s after mounting nfs in etc/fstab

I had some stuttering on network playback and saw that it would be a good idea to mount nfs shares in /etc/fstab.
Playback works great but my Pi takes a long time to shut down now.
It gives me this message: “A stop job is running for /mnt/Macbook (1s / 1min 30s)”
I have tried changing all the parameters in the fstab entry but I cannot get it to stop,
This is my fstab: /mnt/Macbook nfs noauto,x-systemd.automount

Here is my log

This is the shutdown step with /boot/cmdline.txt set to noquiet

Any help is appreciated.


For anyone with the same problem. I made a workaround, it’s not great but it works.

I made a shortcut on the home screen I called Unmount that runs a shell script that unmount my NFS share.

I made it using the ‘Customise Home Menu’ option under Appearance - Skin - Settings.
I added a menu item and chose a ‘Custom Item’ under ‘Change Action’. I call the script via System.Exec(/path-to-your-script/)

I created my script in /usr/local/bin.

sudo umount /mnt/TV
exit 0

Remember to chmod +x your script.

Hope this can help somebody.

I use NFS mounts (mounting shares from a QNAP NAS), and I use the following additional flags:


So in your example given above, you would put /mnt/Macbook nfs noatime,async,nfsvers=3,nolock,local_lock=all,soft,retrans=2,noauto,x-systemd.automount

in your fstab.

Thank you for your answer but it doesn’t work for me unfortunately.
Still gives me the ‘stop job’ error.

OK, I see from your system log that you are networking via a WLAN. I suspect that the problem may be that for a WLAN bringing down connman causes you to lose your network connection immediately so the connnection is down before the NFS mount(s) are unmounted, and the umount blocks for 90s.

I think for ethernet connman will not tear down the connection right away - it only goes when target networking.service is stopped, so I don’t have this problem.

Sorry I was not able to help.

Okay, that makes a lot of sense.
Thank you for looking into it.
I am actually quite happy with my shortcut solution so it doesn’t matter much anyway.
Thank you again.

I have the same problem :frowning:


We need more details:

Are you connecting over wifi or wired?

Also the FSTAB entries for your NFS mounts, may help as well.

Thanks Tom.

I will give you more details later as I will try this fix out:
Found it here "a stop job is running" for samba unmount - #34 by bgregson

Hope it works.
And im using wifi on my Vero 4k.