SickChill install issues on Rpi4 - Failed building wheel for cryptography

Context: fresh install of OSMC (2023.05-1) on a new rpi4 8gb.
I’m trying to install SickChill following the official recommendation which is also mentioned in the most popular thread on the topic.

However, the script provided does not work. It seems I can’t get cryptography to build correctly, so the install cannot proceed. SickChill’s developer said that this is most likely due to rustc not being the required version, and that piwheels has issues sometimes. We can download the cryptography wheels and install them first, but the problem is piwheels does not support arm64/aarch64. Which means, pi2 zero, rpi3, and rpi4 can’t install it correctly.

To sum up, is there any known way to get piwheels up and running on such a setup?
Failing that, has anyone else succeded in installing sickchill with the latest version of OSMC on rpi4 using alternative methods?


I’m not using sickchill but I have cryptography installed on py3 and py4 with osmc. If I remember correctly I had to install rust using rustup, see Install Rust - Rust Programming Language

I did try that as well:
curl -sSf | sh

But still got this error when running SickChill’s install script, at the cryptography wheel building step:
rustc --version: error: command failed: ‘rustc’: No such file or directory (os error 2)

Maybe I should have used sudo instead?
i.e. curl -sSf | sudo sh --

Also, for rpi4 did you use a custom host triple for the rustup install? Am I supposed to use “arm-unknown-linux-gnueabihf” ?

Thank you

User land is armhf

I used armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabihf

I can’t seem to find this option in the rust documentation…
(apologies this all a bit over my head).
Isn’t the rpi4 an Armv8 chip? @pborman did it work for both rpi3 and rpi4?

Thank you both.

It’s a tier 2 target, works on pi3 and pi4

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Managed to go further this time, but the install still results in an error:

ERROR: Could not build wheels for cryptography, which is required to install pyproject.toml-b ased projects

error: cargo rustc --lib --message-format=json-render-diagnostics --manifest-path src/ rust/Cargo.toml --release -v --features pyo3/extension-module --crate-type cdylib -- failed with code 101

Anyone has any clues? Tried searching for this error but couldn’t find any leads.