Signal lost briefly after pressing play

I’m experiencing a minor “cosmetic” issue that annoys me somewhat. After pressing play, the signal to my TV is briefly lost but it is lost long enough for the “No Signal” screen on the TV to appear. After a couple of seconds of black screen and a couple of seconds of the “No Signal”-screen, the signal is back on and the video plays. The same thing happens when I stop. The audio starts playing immediately though.

My setup is Vero 4K+ -> Sony HT-ST5000 soundbar -> LG C9 TV.

Debug logs:

Anything in my settings that would indicate why this is happening?

That is expected behavior. When you have refresh rate adjustment set to on start/stop it switches the output to optimal settings when you start a video, and then switches it back to the UI settings when you stop the video. Additionally when a TV detects a UHD signal it has to switch video modes to that and you set a second screen reset event. If the video playback starting before this process is finished is undesirable their is an option to add a delay in the display settings.

Alright thanks for the response. I just thought that this delay wasn’t always this big/noticeable but now I’m unsure if this has always been the case for me. In any case, this isn’t an issue then.