Silent external DVD/Bluray Drive?

I just got my vero 4k and did some tests today with a external dvd/bluray burner (made by lg) i borrowed from work and it worked great with all the dics i tested today (of course bd-j menus are not yet supported, but the progress on this looks good with vlc 3.0.0).

I know bluray decryption will probably always be a problem on linux but this is another topic.

The only real problem i had with this setup was that the drive was quite loud with some discs, i dont mind this at the beginning of the movie when the disc is initializing? but with some discs, no matter if dvd or bluray, there was some high pitch hissing noise audible throughout the playback.

Now i was wondering if anyone can recommend a silent extern usb drive without such problems. Doesnt have to be a fast drive or rw capabilities.

If anyone is intrested in the setup:
I have my vero 4k behind my tv near the Input ports and used a Y-USB cable and connected the data port to the vero and the other lead into one of the tvs usb ports. After installing libaccs and libdbplus and downloading a recent aacs key db, i just restarted kodi and it worked out of the box.

Is this a 2008 LG model? I have one of these for some machines that don’t have a disk drive. They are very loud!

No this one must be newer (Model BP55EB40), it is one of those slim drives.

Funny is that this drive supports something by lg called silent play, and it works quite well with some discs but like i said others have some very annoying high pitch sounds that you can hear throughout the movie unless its a very loud scene.

Ah, I’ve got a bit of a clunker, but didn’t buy it for any purpose other than to just add temporary functionality to some PCs.

It’s far from slim.

I have read that if you plug it into a windows PC you can ‘set’ the silent mode.

cant find a option for this anywhere, it seems this is detected by the drive itself.

This is what I read on Makemkv forums a while back.

(Obviously its how to disable it as most of us want the drives to rip discs as quickly as possible but the same should apply)

How to Disable Silent Play on an LG DVD

Although you can manually adjust the write speed (the speed at which a disc burner copies data to a CD or DVD) on most CD and DVD burner drives, few let you adjust the read speed. The Silent Play mode on an LG DVD drive does just that – instead of automatically selecting the read speed as normal, Silent Play lets you manually adjust it. You can turn off Silent Play on your LG DVD drive using Windows Explorer


1 Click “Start.”
2 Click “Computer.”
3 Right-click the icon for your LG DVD drive. Click “Properties.”
4 Click the “Hardware” tab.
5 Click the “Properties” button.
6 Check the “Disabled” box in the “Silent Play” section of the window on the screen. Click “Apply.”

The Silent Play functionality for your LG DVD drive is now off.